Kurban 2019

Damascus, Syria

Again this year we are organizing a Kurban campaign for Eid ul-Adha at the soup kitchen of Grandsheikh Abdullah. One sheep will cost 275€ and one cow 2750€. Please donate before Friday 9th August.

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Call for donations in support of the soup kitchen of Grandsheikh Abdullah in Damascus/Syria

Peace upon you dear sisters and brothers,

Herewith we call urgently everyone to donate for the distressed humans in Damascus. As you know the security situation are unbearable in Syria and it is becoming more worse. Naturally everyone raises one question: What can I do? How can I help the poor?

Since 2013 every Tuesday and Sunday night there will be an meal in the kitchen of the mosque of Sheikh Abdullah ad Daghestani at Jabal Qasiyun in Damascus. This meal will be distributed for the poor and the refugees. We are kindly asking for your donations to support the soup kitchen at Shaykh Abdullah ad- Daghestani mosque in Damascus.

Also this year you are invited to donate for the soup kitchen and / or you can slaughter for the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid ul-Adha). One sheep will cost 250€, one cow 2750€. Please donate till Friday 9th August. Sincerly yours

Sheikh Hassan Dyck

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For those who like to donate a sheep, please donate before Friday 9th August!
Please leave EMPTY the keyword / reference!

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