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The Organisation „Eyes of Light“ is established as a charitable and independent neighborhood initiative in Kumasi-Meduma, Kuabere.

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May the light of Him shine in the eyes of our children
May a holy Africa be reflected in them
That turns to His countenance
As His new earth
Without slavery, exploitation and oppression
In peace and justice

In 2010, after traveling back to his hometown of Kumasi, Ghana, Mohammed Mukhtar decided not to stand by and watch the growing misery and lack of prospects of large sections of the population, especially the growing number of homeless and street children.

With the money he earned in Germany, with money and in kind donations, with the help of his relatives, the brothers and sisters and the friends on site, developed a modest, neighborly aid initiative, their projects independently and on their own Strength carries.

With the ever increasing tasks, it became necessary to officially register the neighborly relief initiative. In 2017, the aid organization EYES OF LIGHT FO- GATION GHANA in Ghana became legally effective. In 2018, the charitable association EYES OF LIGHT e.V. was founded in Bitburg. The association primarily collects donations in kind and money for the independent partner organization EYES OF LIGHT FOUNDATION GHANA. The association also sponsors and partnerships with children in Ghana and promotes youth exchanges.

What are we doing?

What we are doing

We are planning to build a training workshop

In order to give the children and young people a future career opportunity and a perspective for their lives, they should be given alternative training in the skilled trades: tailors, carpenters, locksmiths and electricians.

We are planning the construction of a nursery and the installation of allotments around the hostel

The majority of homeless and street children in the cities do not come from crisis areas but they escape the hunger and poverty of the countryside.
The project offers them the opportunity to stay connected with their rural roots and to get to know other methods of fruit growing and field management that they can try out in the allotments and maybe later apply to their home villages.
In addition, they should contribute to the self-supply of the hostel with food.

What we need

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Mathias - Grünewald Str. 5
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Mohammed Mukhtar
Mobile: +49 15751030138
WhatsApp: +49 1735696624
Hans Peter Bender
Mobile: +49 15201482145

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IBAN: DE05 5875 1230 0032 6274 40
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